Yogi Tsoru Dechen Rinpoche Foundation

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A Warm Welcome from Tulku Tsori Rinpoche

Yogi Tsoru Dechen Rinpoche Foundation (YTDR) was created to provide access to the Buddha Dharma (Path of Awakening), and to supply Compassion and Wisdom to all human beings. The Founder and spiritual leader is Tulku Tsori Rinpoche, who is recognized as a Lama - a term reserved for senior members of the Tibetan Order.

YTDR manages several charitable programs which directly benefit the people of Tibet and help ensure the survival of their rich heritage and culture. Programs include sponsorship for children, families, and the elderly; medical relief missions; and support for orphanages that educate children in the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition.

YTDR also makes it its responsibility to help people throughout the world find self realization through the compassionate teachings of the Buddha. By establishing centers which teach meditation and traditional Tibetan Buddhism, and through its outreach programs, the Foundation’s ultimate vision is to build a network of centers in every continent devoted to cultivating wisdom and compassion for all beings.

YTDR Foundation is a volunteer based organization, and is a registered Florida 501c3 Charitable Entity EIN 30-0458849.


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